From Personal to Housing Microfinance Loans, we advance the prosperity and welfare of clients through the provision of funding conferred by our expertise and experience.

Personal loans

We offer hassle-free personal loans to suit your needs and pocket. Our Personal Loans are exclusive loan plans available to formally employed individuals in need of urgent financial assistance. The loans are designed for those struggling with overdue bills, emergency medical bills and other unforeseen expenses which are frustrating and can send one swirling into a dark, deep hole of financial trouble.

The Bridge Personal Loan

Our bridge loan is an unsecured loan; it requires no collateral security. Available to anyone with a regular income source. Perfect for emergency expenses. Enjoy a fixed interest rate and flexible monthly repayments. Allowing you peace of mind and comfortable repayment terms.

The Civil Servant Personal Loan (SSB)

We offer tailor made loans to civil servants’ country wide. Distance is not a barrier; you can access our loans from where-ever you are. Monthly re-payments are deducted direct from the Salary Service Bureau.

The Housing Microfinance Loans

Nissi Global provides Housing Microfinance Loans to meet the demand of its low- income households to repair, improve their existing homes or build their own homes incrementally one loan at a time. Most households cannot afford to buy the least expensive house, even if mortgage finance was readily available. Instead, many households build their housing incrementally, step-by- step, room-by-room. With access to housing microfinance, and at lower rates than traditional loans, households can undertake the process of building their housing over a shorter time and end up with a better-quality home. All you need are your own home title deeds or serialised assets for collateral. Credit assessment is based on character investigation processes. Our process includes documentation to verify residence, a list of building materials to be purchased or that have already been secured by the borrower, and an estimate for specialised labour. The Nissi Housing Micro Loan Product is our way to reach low-income individuals typically excluded from housing finance markets. Our micro-mortgages product appeals to a wider potential market further down the economic pyramid.

Our Loan Benefits


Where Collateral is required any of the following is acceptable